Sara Holmgren is a photographer, that was born in 1976 in Uppsala, Sweden. After graduating in Political Sciences in Umeå, Sweden, she dedicated a couple of years working as a peace observer for Human Rights organizations in Sweden and Guatemala. In Guatemala she worked as a international observer with The Swedish Fellowship of Reconciliation (SweFOR) in collaboration with Project of International Accompaniment in Guatemala (ACOGUATE) and she also worked a year with Grupo de Apoyo Mutuo (GAM). GAM is the most known organization protecting the interests of the relatives of the disappeared in Guatemala. Tasks included to create a widespread understanding of the human rights situation in Guatemala internationally. This is when she started to document the post-peace-accords-life of the internal armed conflict victims visually. She performed her photography studies in Madrid, Spain and moved to Barcelona where she is now based.

Sara is convinced that emotional understanding and identification based on facts are crucial factors to combat prejudice and discrimination, and that photography is an ideal mean to contribute to a more rational world.

She is fluent in Swedish, Spanish and English.